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Silk's Suggestions Empty Silk's Suggestions

Tue May 05, 2020 2:59 pm
Game Suggestions

Difficulty Setting:

In todays market for RSPS, versatility and a "play how you want" experience is a really driving factor in gathering a playerbase. Difficulty lets veteran players grind out hours and hours, while letting more casual players skip the boring stuff and get into the action. Usually you would accompany a difficult system with a reward for picking the harder ones, such as a droprate increase or access to special features ingame etc. Default right now would be the "easy" mode, and the others would scale to be more difficult on top of  it.

For example:

  • Normal difficulty is 20x combat 15x skilling. Fast and easy, no bonus
  • Hard difficulty is 8x combat 5x skilling. Gets a droprate increase. For those looking for a bit of a challenge but not an endless grind
  • Extreme difficulty is 4x combat and 2x skilling. twice Hard's droprate increase and a unique cape. Really hardcore players who will stick long-term pick this.

Forum Suggestions

Liking / Upvoting:

This will help showing your support on posts by other community members, really useful for suggestions for example so you can see there is an interest in them.

Better BBCode Post Editor:

Current one is pretty bad, ideally you should see the final result as you're editing it and not looking at the actual flags like size color bold etc. in brackets everywhere.

Already Addressed Suggestions

Game | Health Restore Option:
The ability to restore your health at home would be nice, perhaps additionally curing poison. Eating up after every time is both annoying and feels wasteful, especially for an ironman.

Most servers do this one of these 3 ways:

  • An object, often an ornate pool or an altar.
  • An NPC, often Nurse Boubou.
  • Upon entering a specific region, such as the bank in edgeville or home in general.

Herblore Secondaries Sold As Notes:

The herblore store currently sells all herblore secondaries as unnoteds, forcing you to run back and forth between bank and general store over and over to make your potions. Let us buy them as notes instead so we can buy many at a time Smile
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