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Xerics Trial |RAID| Empty Xerics Trial |RAID|

Tue May 05, 2020 3:11 am
Well everyone its time to discuss the raid. Since its my duty here is the full explanation and detailed look at Xerics Trial Custom Raid.

Xerics Trial
Description: With Olm defeated a new enemy emerges in the shattered remnants of the Chambers of Xeric. Your job is to eliminate that threat, before it grows and breaches the chamber, and takes over the world of A2.

Joining the Raid: Players can join the Raid by clicking the Raid Teleports portal at home. Upon Teleport click the portal and enter the queue.

Room 1: After the queue is over you will be teleported to the raid, venture down the pathway to enter the first room. To avoid spoilers boss names will be left out.

Room 1 Boss: The boss has a fairly simple mechanic, destroy you! This boss will tear off chunks of your armor and leave you vulnerable to damage. Its recommended to pray melee.

Room 1 Completion: Once the boss is dead a key will spawn at your feet. Use it with the portal and move on to Room 2.

Room 2: Room 2 takes you immediately to the next boss.

Room 2 Boss: Room 2 boss has no mechanics but does feature a lot of health. Recommended to pray melee as well.

Room 2 Completion: Once the boss is dead a key will spawn at your feet. Use it with the portal and move on to Room 3.

Room 3: The final boss room immediately takes you to the next boss, enjoy the nice dialogue and begin your battle.

Room 3 Boss: The final boss is no joke. The boss is incredibly powerful and has a brutal mechanic. When he starts taking to much damage he will spawn 2 copies of the Room 1 boss. Two players should branch off and pray melee well taking on Room 1 Bosses, well the rest of raiders lay dps into final boss. Its recommended to pray magic for the final boss.

Room 3 Completion: Once the boss is dead youll be teleported to the Hall of Treasures V2.

Congratulations you have completed Xerics Trial Raid.

Exclusive Rewards

  • Twisted Bow


  • Ancestral Robe Set
    Guthix Halo
    Saradomin Halo
    Zamorak Halo


  • BloodHound

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